AudioLingo 92: Aftermath

A couple of short pieces about the mess of war. War & Peace is by Luis Cernuda, translated from Spanish by David Unger. The End and the Beginning is by Wisława Szymborska, translated from Polish by Joanna Trzeciak. In between is a million miles from saturday night by tehwa. And the capper is a remix of the Song of the French Partisan by Emmannuel d’Astier de la Vigérie and Anna Marly. Mostly I remix the Leonard Cohen version, but I also mix in un peu de Noir Desire, Joan Baez and Anna Marly.


AudioLingo 87: Many Hats of Sandburg

Carl Sandburg was every bit as much a storyteller as a poet. This piece proves it. It’s called Many Hats and it was included in Good Morning America, published in 1928 by Harcourt Brace. His subject matter, as usual, was larger than life: the Grand Canyon. The stories it tells are many and ours.

The music is a combination of Peter Prautzsch‘s And Then the Light Came In and Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians.


AudioLingo 86: My Bad

Vickie hangs me out to dry for being so late. Excuses follow.

1. My blog has gone from fun pastime to scary obsession, what with all the collecting, remixing, painting, scanning, tweaking, posting and writing about all the critters there.

2. My business eats all my weekday daylight hours.

3. KABF music-directorhood and Audio 101 and World Tour steal more hours off the clock.

4. My Computer From Hell plays bucking bronco on a weekly, if not daily basis.

5. The search for written material for the podcast and open source music to back it up take still more time.

6. And I haven’t even mentioned Flickr and deviantART, which don’t demand a lot of time to post to, but, boy, I can spend hours perusing all the great artwork people put there.

But five weeks? There’s no excuse for that.


AudioLingo 85: Pure Drivel

Some Pure-D Drivel from Steve Martin.
A story like this makes it evident Steve Martin could have been a latter day Robert Benchley if he’d just not have been led astray by that pesky Hollywood. Come to think of it, Benchley was somewhat led astray by Hollywood himself, but still managed to write book after wonderful book. So far as I know, Steve Martin only wrote two; the one this story comes from, Pure Drivel, and the masterful Shopgirl. But he did make The Jerk and L.A. Story and plays a durn good banjer as well.